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Furniture Painting – The Best Way to Do It

Painting is one of the best ways to treat and protect furniture. Paint is available on many forms that will help in livening up the furnishings of a home or office. Paint unlike varnish doesn’t bring out the grains of the wood, nor is it restricted to be used on wooden artifacts. The paint coating can vary in nature as well as depth in its use; it can also be used in combinations highlighting some aspects of the subject. Once painted over the items surface, it hides any blemish that causes a discoloration on the general object. It is also a cheap method to decorate and treat furniture.Before painting, it is important to prepare the surface. Mostly the main concern comes in the form of dirt. Particles of dust and other residues of waste such as sawdust will tarnish the surface to be painted ad might result into rough surfaces. The most common particles that are wiped of the surface to be painted include dust, grease stains, and dirt. A good scrubbing using scouring pads or sand paper in the case of wood is important to ensure the paint does stick on the surface of the furniture. After cleaning the surface should be allowed to dry out completely.The painting process is one that should be taken seriously to attain good results. It is advisable to start with an undercoat. Beginning the painting with primer is a good idea and one that will have an effect on the overall results of painting. Using a multipurpose primer undercoat on all surfaces gives the paint a better surface to stick on, for wood a wood primer is available. A second layer of primer should be used if one is looking to paint a light color on the furniture while an undercoat of the paint should be used in the event that the paint to paint the surface with is dark.The top paint can now be applied, and at this point one has two choices, the oil based paints and water based gloss paints. Both have different purposes and can be applied to different situations. In most cases two layers of the paint are enough to give furniture that luster from the paint, but in some cases a third layer of paint is required. In oil based paints the time required for it to dry may be long lasting from 48 hours all the way to months, making the furniture unusable for lengthy periods.